Tracking down relatives for family gathering

LETHAM in the early years of the 20th century was alive to the sounds and antics of the young members of the Bruce family.

From the birth of the first child of George Bruce and Eliza Forbes in 1910 through to the birth of the last of their brood of 12 in 1929 many will have heard the names Jim, Dorothy, Gladys, Will, Thomas, Alice, Francie, Walter, Wallace, Annie and David (twins, both of whom died at birth) and Harold echoing through the streets.

As the years passed the family grew up and many moved away from Letham to pastures new, Jim to Forfar, Francie to Dundee, Wallace and Harold to Australia, Gladys and Alice to Thirsk in Yorkshire. In later years Jim, Alice and Harold drifted back to the town of their birth all ending their days in Jubilee Court.

Over the past few years there has been efforts to compile the family tree of the Bruce family and many of those involved expressed an interest in getting as many of the Bruce family as possible back to Letham for a gathering. The result is a gathering planned for August 24th 2013 at the Letham Hotel in Letham square, Angus. If you are a Bruce, or related to George or Eliza and wish to attend please contact Iain Wilson by e-mailing or contacting Francis Bruce at Letham Hotel on 01307 818218,, for details.