Tragedy as Gemini worker loses life

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A 26-year-old male member of staff of Gemini Corrosion Services, Brent Avenue, has died after an industrial accident on site on Wednesday.

Ambulance personnel and police rushed to the 10-acre site when the accident was reported shortly before 3.40 p.m., and they summoned a fire and rescue unit to assist.

It is understood that the employee, who had been with the company for about nine months, had become trapped in machinery.

When the man was freed he was taken by ambulance to Ninewells Hospital, Dundee. Police cleared traffic from approach roads on the A90 to enable the ambulance to proceed with minimum hindrance.

A police presence remained at the Brent Road premises for a considerable time after staff had gone home after the end of the working day and the premises remained closed the next day, with the company flag flying at half-mast.

Police released a statement in which they said that they did not intend to make public the identity of the victim.

Gemini’s managing director, Ian Guthrie, is quoted as saying that he had run the company for 32 years, and this had been the darkest day.

Mr Guthrie said it was a terrible accident and his thoughts went out to the man’s family, adding: “When you go to work in the morning, you expect to come back home again.”

Gemini, which was founded by Mr Guthrie at Stonehaven in 1982 before moving to Montrose in 1999, has a first-class safety record, and Mr Guthrie was at a loss as to how the accident had happened.

The Health and Safety Executive is following its statutory duties and is investigating the matter in conjunction with Police.