Traill Pavilion 
back on market

Last year there was a degree of controversy about an attempt by Angus Council to lease the Traill Pavilion to a local businessman.

He intended it to be used for retailing seaside-style 

It was felt by the proprietor of the existing business at the beach, Mr Hendry Pinder, and also by many members of the public, that there was not sufficient trade during the summer to make two closely competing businesses viable.

It has now been revealed that the building is back on the open market for let because the accepted tender from last year has been withdrawn.

Angus Council has confirmed that the offer to lease the building has been withdrawn, and this is because of difficulties with the fabric of the building and front door security as well as getting final agreements on the wording 
of the lease.

The council will continue to keep the public toilets in the building open.

One of Mr Pinder’s arguments against Angus Council’s proposed commercial use of the building was that this was specifically prohibited in the deed of gift in 1913 by John and David Traill who presented £2000 for its 

That point was emphasised by former Montrose Town Clerk John Richardson a number of years ago when he told the then Town Council that their proposal to let the building for commercial use would be contrary to the Traill brothers’ stipulations.

Nobody has shown the Montrose Review evidence that this condition of gift has been rescinded.