Is the A934 high risk?


LAST Wednesday on the A934 a couple of miles from town, a black Vauxhall Corsa left the road and rolled several times, coming to rest on its roof in a field of oilseed rape.

It had been travelling from Montrose in the Forfar direction, and its path could be seen through a hedge and then flattening the growing crop as it tumbled down a slope.



The driver was taken from the wreckage to Ninewells Hospital with injuries which were described by police as “not life-threatening”.

The incident happened at around teatime, and conditions were wet.

And two days previously, less than a mile away on the same road, two vehicles were in collision, also at around teatime, and also when the road was wet.

In that incident, on the A934 near the Barnhead turn-off, a beige Renault Megane and a yellow Volkswagen Transporter were in collision.

The Renault sustained severe frontal damage, and may be a write-off.

The Volkswagen appeared to be repairable.

As far as could be ascertained, there were no injuries,

But as a motorist who has been travelling the A934 for more than 30 years, the writer of this article is aware that there have been many, many collisions between Montrose and Kinnell Crossroads over the decades, with a large percentage of vehicles damaged beyond repair.

Vehicles have slammed into trees, demolished fences, overturned into fields, and collided with others innocently passing by.

Many have been written off in the process, and numerous injuries have been sustained.

Angus Council’s road department has done a great deal of excellent work in recent years, straightening bends and reducing accident rates at notorious blackspots. So is the A934 where they should next target their talents?

What do you, the readers, think?

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