Under-used bus services chopped

SOME local bus services were included in a list dealt with yesterday (Tuesday) by Angus Council’s infrastructure Services committee.

The Hillside /Montrose service which had been put in place after the closure of Sunnyside Royal had shown passenger figures of fewer than one per day into town, and none on the return trips.

The lowest tender received was for £19,240 per annum, and no award was made.

The Ferryden Tuesday and Thursday daytime bus had shown reduced usage, with fewer than three passenger journeys per day on sections of the route where there was no alternative. The Monday to Friday late afternoon Ferryden journeys conveyed approximately one passenger per day.

The lowest overall bid received was £30,784 per annum. No award was made.

The Rosemount/Gallery/ Montrose Academy/Ferryden/Montrose/Hillside route attracts a contribution of £23,090 from the Education Department, and will be operated by M.W. Nicoll. It can also carry general passengers.

A request for an early morning journey from Brechin to Montrose Railway Station had been made by Nigel Don, MSP. However, the lowest bid was £9,100 per annum (£35 per day), and as the local bus service budget was fully committed, it was recommended that this contract be not implemented.

Contracts are normally awarded for a three-year period, and a different set will come up for re-tendering in a year’s time.