Tree falls where man was standing


MR BILL Malham, McDiarmid Drive, Hillside, was working in his garden last Tuesday when he had a very lucky escape from a falling tree.

He had decided to move his compost heap from one side of the garden to the other; specifically, from the side that is adjacent to the Rosemount Estate, separated by a large hedge.

While he was unloading his wheelbarrow he heard a loud noise from where he had been working, and rushed back to the scene - to find that a tree had crashed down over the exact spot where he had stood only moments before.

Fortunately it was not a massive tree, and the substantial hedge had prevented it from landing on the ground - but if Mr Malham’s head had been where it was a few minutes previously, he could have suffered serious head injuries or even been killed.

He told the Review: “The Rosemount Estate is owned by Angus Council, and it is a sort of ‘low-key country park’. Dead trees fall from time to time, so at least people get logs from them.”

Mr Malham has lived at his present address for 23 years, and recalls that he had previously asked for overhanging branches to be removed. The council agreed, and decided that it would be safer to remove that tree completely.

But he added: “Perhaps the trees should be checked more often.”

The reason for the tree’s fall is a mystery. Readers may recall that the weather was glorious with no hint of wind.

But trees can fall for no apparent reason. The Review is aware of one mighty and apparently healthy beech tree which suddenly keeled over on a similarly perfect day.

A spokeswoman for Angus Council said: “We were contacted by a member of the public regarding the fall of a dead birch tree which had become dislodged, and have attended to its removal. We have inspected the park and identified another dead tree, which will be removed.

“In addition to our regular inspections of the parks, we welcome contact through the council’s ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778, from members of the public who notice any dead or damaged trees.”