Trump slams award winner

THE TRUMP Organisation has responded vehemently to the news that a Montrose film-maker’s ‘You’ve Been Trumped’ has won yet another award, this time in Donald Trump’s backyard at the star-studded Hampton’s International Film Festival.

“Anthony Baxter’s film is a complete fraud,” George Sorial, director of international development at the Trump Organisation, said in a statement to American news channel MSNBC.

“The film only presents the myopic views of a very small fringe element that are not respected and are widely regarded as a national embarrassment for Scotland.”

A full version of Anthony Baxter’s interview, and the Trump Organisation’s response, can be viewed on the MSNBC website. An interview on NY1 New York can also be viewed.

On Thursday in New York, Anthony Baxter was presented with the Victor Rabinowitz and Joanne Grant Award for Social Justice Award by the Hamptons International Film Festival Programming Manager Cameron Yates.

The award, named after one of America’s most famous civil rights lawyers, is given to “a film that most exhibits the values of peace, equality and global justice.”

Anthony Baxter then appeared on a special panel about ‘Documentary Filmmakers Taking on Power’ at the Paley Centre in New York on Thursday night.

‘You’ve Been Trumped’ has been praised by Michael Moore, who handpicked the film for his festival in Michigan (where it won the Special Jury Award).

And in the UK, ‘You’ve Been Trumped’ won the top environmental award for documentary films, for exposing, in the words of the international jury, “one of the most shocking environmental crimes in UK history.”

Turned down by the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the documentary later won Best Picture honours at the EdinDocs Festival.