Trussell Trust appeal to help those in fuel poverty

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As part of their Christmas appeal, Trussell Trust is hoping to bring warmth as well as sustenance to families in need.

The charity is appealing for donations from the public to help those who are in fuel poverty.

They launched this year’s Christmas appeal focusing on the complex issue of Fuel Poverty. Promoting the appeal on their Facebook page, the Trussel Trust said: “It is estimated that around four million households in the UK are in ‘fuel poverty’ – meaning budgets are so stretched they just don’t have 
the money to keep their home warm at a reasonable cost.

“We can see a two or threefold increase in the number of people coming through our doors needing food and help with 
energy bills in the winter. Without our network of foodbanks, many would have to had make the agonising choice between 
feeding their family and heating their home because they just can’t afford to do both.

“We believe that no-one should have to suffer the indignity and distress of having to choose between going cold or hungry. We want to be there to support as many people as possible who find themselves without even the basic necessities when hit by crisis, but we can’t do this without your support.

“If you can, please support our Christmas Appeal.”

Donations can be made online at