Tyres and speed factors in road safety

LOCAL motorists are being urged to consider their driving and tyres to stay safe on the roads this winter.

A campaign launched by the Tayside Safety Camera Partnership (TSCP) aims to highlight the dangerous combination of driving too fast for the conditions with worn tyres and travelling too close to the vehicle in front. All these factors increase a vehicle’s stopping distance, especially during wet and wintery weather.

TSCP has joined forces with Angus Tyres, Michelin and ATS Euromaster in asking drivers to check their tyres, reduce their speed and keep their distance when driving in the region.

Free ice scrapers with a built-in tyre tread depth measure are being provided at branches of Angus Tyres in Montrose, Arbroath and Brechin and at ATS Euromaster, in Dundee, Perth and Forfar. Information is also being displayed to remind drivers of the simple actions that will increase their safety.

Arron Duncan, TSCP manager, said: “Motorists need to ask themselves, could they stop if they needed to? If they are driving too fast for the weather conditions and driving too close to the vehicle in front with low tread on their tyres then they are not giving themselves time to react and stop.

“Stopping distances are doubled in the wet and up to ten times greater in icy conditions and when you add speed to this, then people are increasing the risk to themselves and other road users by not being able to stop in time. ”

Wet roads, cold temperatures, snow and ice can all contribute to potentially dangerous situations such as loss of grip, aquaplaning and longer stopping distances.

Graeme Annandale, owner of Angus Tyres, said: “The simple idea of slowing down and allowing both the space and time in which to stop is something that all drivers can do in addition to paying attention to their tyres and this campaign is an important reminder of this. If drivers are unsure about tyre maintenance for any reason, then I would encourage them to take advantage of free tyre checks to be safe.”