Upgrade under way

A £60,000 project which will begin this week to improve the Seafront Splash play area will not disrupt access to the facility over the school holidays, Angus Council has said.

The work is the first phase of a two-stage £170,000 scheme to give the popular play area a facelift and should take six weeks to complete.

But Henry Pinder, owner of the beachfront cafe, has hit out at the council’s timing of the project which he said will extend in to the schools’ summer holiday with a possible negative impact on visitor numbers and his business.

During school holidays, particularly in good weather, the Seafront Splash is a popular attraction drawing in families from the town and further afield.

He said: “I’ve been told it’s going to take six weeks. I don’t mind them doing this up to the holidays but you don’t do this during a holiday.

“My interest is also the need to brush the walkways and have a bit more presentation about the place. I try to keep my place to a good standard and having a play area at the beach is a good attraction but the council seems to employ people with no business management skills.

“What’s needed is a regime change in the parks department. I want the place tidied up for the holiday coming along but if I have tidying up to do I don’t do it during the holidays. I’ve a seasonal business.”

An Angus Council spokeswoman this week said the holiday period has been taken into account during the scheme and the play area will remain open throughout the holiday.

She said: “The first phase will involve replacing a number of worn out play items as well as adding some log walling and sand.

“It will take about six weeks but it won’t impede the children getting in. The major works will be carried out in the three weeks up to the holidays and then other work will done with sections of the play area being dealt with one at a time.

“All the major items will be put on hold so the children can continue to play and there will only be one part out of commission at a time.”