‘Upset’ for Montrose holiday park residents over council eviction notices

Angus Council has served 20 eviction notices to caravan owners at South Links
Angus Council has served 20 eviction notices to caravan owners at South Links

Long-standing residents at South Links Holiday Park in Montrose are “upset” after being served with eviction notices.

As Angus Council prepared to re-open the park for touring caravans over Easter, residents were told they had to leave by April 7 unless they can prove South Links is not their primary residence.

Last year the park’s operator went into administration and the council stepped in, taking control of the site.

South Links resident Brian Thomson said he has only ever stayed on site for the agreed 11 months and travels the 12th.

He added: “It is going to cost me £66,000 to move my unit from South Links to Seaton in Arbroath. There is a real upset feeling at the camp.

“It used to be a really nice site. The council is ruining it.”

However, a council spokesperson said: “As has been made clear publicly and to caravan owners since Angus Council took over the running of the park in September last year, South Links is not, nor has it been, a residential site. It is a holiday park.

“To comply with relevant legislation and to protect Angus Council and the park, we have worked with caravan owners to ascertain evidence about their primary residence. This is consistent with the approach we have taken at other sites in Angus.

“It has been necessary for us to serve 20 eviction notices to date in relation to caravan owners who were unable to prove they had a primary residence elsewhere.

“They will be required to move to another site following the 14-day notice period if they cannot provide the legally required evidence. This is a challenging and difficult process for everyone concerned and we acknowledge the difficulties it presents to those caravan owners, but there are actions that are absolutely necessary so as to comply with legislation.”