Varied agenda for community council

MONTROSE’S continuing seagull problem has dominated the town community council’s meetings over the past year and tougher action is needed to control the birds, its chairman has said.

At the annual general meeting on Thursday, Tommy Stewart said in his annual report that he feels Angus Council has “buried their heads in the sand” over the issue which has been allowed to continue for too long.

He continued: “In a report recommended to and passed by Angus councillors, it isn’t felt a cull is a particularly effective way of reducing numbers and they also feel they would attract adverse criticism if they were to implement a cull.

“I disagree and feel that had the problem been dealt with years ago we wouldn’t be in a situation where for nearly six months of the year we are over-run by nesting gulls.

“We have written to Angus Council and have arranged for a senior manager to come along to our next meeting to discuss the issue.”

Mr Stewart said the other dominant topic for discussion during the year was GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) controversial proposal to build two 400-feet high wind turbines at its Cobden Street factory and he reiterated the community council’s neutral stance on the matter.

He said: “As statutory consultees of the application we had a role to play in finding out the views of the public. This was done by holding a public meeting which GSK were invited to and also by listening to the views of many people who spoke directly to us.

“We felt while there were plenty of people against the application, there was equally as much support for it. Therefore we decided we were unable to make a representation to support or object to the application. Consequently, the application was refused by Angus Council.”

On a varied agenda over the last 12 months, subjects also included progress on the new Sainsbury supermarket on Brechin Road, complaints of vehicles speeding in the town and the location of additional grit bins during the winter months.

Mr Stewart said: “Complaints of speeding, in particular, in the Tayock area appear to be less although it should be noted when Tayside Police conducted speed checks, results showed it didn’t appear to be a major problem anyway.

“Complaints of cars waiting for parking spaces at the Royal Bank car park are still ongoing. Cars also regularly enter the car park via the exit. This was an issue raised with Angus Council last year; however, we are still waiting on markings being put on the road.”

He added one disappointment has been a failure of the community council to attract new members although there are hopes its recently established Facebook page will help reverse that.