Video: Launch of new £5m Montrose lifeboat

A blast of horns from all the large vessels moored in Montrose harbour welcomed a new lifeboat to the town on Friday.

A large crowd of RNLI supporters and dignitaries gathered to greet the cutting-edge Shannon class lifeboat, the first of its kind to go on service in Scotland.

RNLB Ian Grant Smith during sea trials in Poole. Pic: Steve Lowe

RNLB Ian Grant Smith during sea trials in Poole. Pic: Steve Lowe

The Shannon class, which cost just under £5 million to build, is the first of the RNLI’s all-weather lifeboats to be powered by water-jets rather than traditional propellers, making it the most agile and manoeuvrable lifeboat in the charity’s fleet.

Capable of 25 knots, the new lifeboat is 50 per cent faster than RNLB Moonbeam, the Tyne class all-weather lifeboat she will replace.

Moonbeam has been the Montrose lifeboat for the past 25 years but has now come to the end of her operational life.

To demonstrate its new revolutionary design, the lifeboat performed a series of manoeuvres in front of the station, including some very tight turns and impressive braking.

Richard Smith, from the RNLI, said: “This is the 10th Shannon class lifeboat to be produced and is largely thanks to a very generous legacy from the estate of Ruth Grant Smith to honour the memory of her husband Ian Grant Smith, after whom the lifeboat will be named.”

He added: “The crew will familiarise themselves with the new lifeboat and it will go operational in September.”