VIDEO: Magic Mike’s no square, he’s cubed!

Michael Brandie magician.
Michael Brandie magician.

An Angus magician has taken to YouTube to show just how handy he is when it comes to solving that perennial brain-melter, the Rubik’s Cube.

Michael Brandie, a magician from Arbroath who has performed all over Scotland, has been hard at work recently preparing new material and perfecting his art.

This morning (Friday) he posted a video on YouTube about one of his favourite magic props, the Rubik’s Cube and recreated a trick which has wowed some of the magic scene’s top names.

Michael told Angus County Press: “I have a massive passion for the Rubik’s Cube and even more so for the fact that it has over 43 quintillion combinations making performing magic with it even more awesome than anything else.

“I’ve worked hard at trying to perfect this trick which was created by Steven Brundage and it even fooled Penn & Teller when he performed it on ‘Fool Us’.

“I’m planning on filming more magic to upload to YouTube, hopefully to people, crowds and even local businesses at some point.”

In recent months Michael has been showcasing his magic skill in videos which can be found on his Facebook page - Michael Brandie Magician.