VIDEO: Watch Arbroath boy say thank you for voters who helped him win garden makeover

An Arbroath youngster has won a competition to get a dream garden makeover which will mean he will have a safe space to play outside.

Eight-year-old Logan Watson won the The Scot-Turf UK Family £5000 Garden Makeover Competition on Facebook won with a landslide number of votes.

The Watson Familly, from left; Scott, Jacqueline, Kai, Logan and Theo

The Watson Familly, from left; Scott, Jacqueline, Kai, Logan and Theo

Logan, who goes to Inverbrothock Primary School, has Down’s Syndrome, as well as hearing and visual impairments, and was one of five nominees.

Logan and his family have thanked everyone who voted for him.

His mum, Jacqueline Watson, entered after seeing the competition on her Facebook news feed.

She said: “I applied but I never expected to hear back. I got a phonecall a few days later to say that we were one of five nominated.

“Thank you for all the votes.

“We are overwhelmed and thankful for the support.”

“We are grateful for the support we got from people and all the lovely messages.

“It’s nice to see people getting involved in something for someone else that they won’t get anything out of.”

Scot-Turf UK held the contest on its Facebook page with members of the public asked to like the nominee’s post they wanted to win.

Logan was the forerunner and won with 3600 votes

His mum continued: “It’s going to be really good for him. He struggles to get across the garden because it’s unsteady. Any changes in surface and he struggles.

“Having it all on one level and flat will be better for him.

“The idea is to have astro turf across the garden.

“It will be nice and level for him to able to play with his toys.

“He loves being outside. He’s got a swing, slide and trampoline in the garden. He loves getting out there and burning off lots of energy.”

Jacqueline said having a safe space for Logan to play will give the family some peace of mind.

She explained going outside to places like the park can be a challenge for her and husband Scott, who also have two other children, Kai (5) and eight-month-old Theo.

His mum added: “Logan has no sense of danger. The littlest thing and he will run off.

“It will be good having somewhere outside where we can open the door and let him outside and he’ll be safe.

“Family and friends will be able to come in the garden and they can all have a nice play together.

“Logan won’t have to watch the kids out of the window playing, he can join in.”

Logan has no vision in his right eye and recently his mum and dad found out his eyesight in his left is deteriorating and the youngster will need an operation.

His mum said: “We had not long heard that his vision is getting worse. We had started to plan for it; the garden came at a nice time. The garden is a good bonus to help him.”