Views wanted on Montrose on-street parking

Parking is often an issue in Montrose and Angus Council is seeking information on the public’s views on-street parking in the town centre.

The authority is asking Montrosians for their opinions on the current situation and ideas for the future.

A spokesperson said: “The council operates the off-street public car parks and can impose fines for breaches of the car park orders.

“However, the council currently has no powers to enforce on-street single and double yellow lines and time limited parking areas.

“These powers remain with the police and they continue to enforce obstructive and dangerous parking as their priorities permit.

“We are seeking your views on both the current position and potential future options for council controlled on-street parking and we would ask that you complete a questionnaire.”

The survey can be found here.

If you have any difficulty in replying by this method, please call 01307 473393.

Replies should be returned by Wednesday, October 15.