Violet Jacob poetry talk by House of Dun volunteer

October’s talk at the Gateway to the Glens Museum is an evening with Sheila Mann, volunteer at The House of Dun (Wednesday, October 7) at 7pm.

Sheila is an expert on poet Violet Jacob, who was born in Montrose in 1863 to the Erskine family of Dun, she married Major Arthur Jacob in 1894 and the couple had one son, Harry who died as a solider at the battle of the Somme in 1916.

In her poetry Violet Jacob was associated with Scots revivalists like Marion Angus, Alexander Gray and Lewis Spence in the Scottish Renaissance, which drew its inspiration from early Scots poets, such as Robert Henryson and William Dunbar, rather than from Robert Burns.

Jacob was also a gifted short story writer and renowned for her Scots vernacular poetry,which appeared in several volumes, and was published by Hugh MacDiarmid and John Buchan.

Recent critics appreciate the richness of her poetry, which draws on folk song and ballad traditions, and offers serious, radical as well as sentimental elements.

Poems, such as ‘To A.H.J’ which features in the museum’s current exhibition ‘Wartime Poets’, give an insight into the great sadness caused by the war.

Her poem ‘Wild Geese’ was set to music as Norlan’ Wind and popularised by Angus singer and songmaker Jim Reid. The talk is free but needs to be booked due to limited seating. Book the Gateway to the Glens on 01575 575479 or email