Volunteer to train Bosnian firefighters

University of Dundee Security Officer Graeme Campbell
University of Dundee Security Officer Graeme Campbell

A Tayside security officer is due to head to Bosnia later this week to help train firefighters.

University of Dundee security officer Graeme Campbell, a volunteer with the International Fire and Rescue Association, will arrive in the town of Cazin on Saturday (May 21).

He and his colleagues will deliver equipment donated by British fire services and will teach Bosnian firefighters how to use it.

Graeme said: “Bosnia is short of equipment and training facilities. It is our job to help with that. All of the equipment we take over is donated by fire services from across the UK.

“We’ll help them prepare for road traffic collisions, teach them how to use breathing apparatus and demonstrate how to administer first aid.”

The charity was set up in 2001 to help target the fire and rescue needs of communities across the world. It provides modern firefighting equipment to countries that need it the most.