Warning on use of jet skis in harbour

North Quay, Montrose Harbour by Karen Vernon
North Quay, Montrose Harbour by Karen Vernon

A stark safety warning has been issued after jet ski users have been spotted in and around Montrose harbour.

Police Scotland has received complaints from Montrose Port Authority about the increased use of the high powered boats around the dock.

As the weather improves, the police and port authority are expecting an increase in the use of jet skis, but are urging users to be aware of speed limits and their safety around the harbour area.

Due to the nature of Montrose Port and the increase in shipping traffic, the police are advising riders to stick to the accepted designated zones in the water.

A speed limit of four knots is in force from the marker at the start of the channel and officers are urging riders to use their jet skis out into the bay away from the channel.

Police Scotland Sergeant Colin Echevarria said: “I urge members of the public to take extra care when venturing onto the water.

“In addition, officers will be monitoring the area during the summer months with the assistance of the port 

“If riders are using the area then please contact Montrose Port Authority prior to using the water to inform port control and seek advice in relation to speed limits and areas of use.”
Montrose Port Authority can be contacted on 
01674 672302.