Warning to cyclists

Youngsters are risking serious injury or death on the area’s roads by cycling without lights, a senior police office warned this week.

Inspector Grant Edwards, head of road policing in Angus, said cyclists have been putting themselves and other road users at serious risk by failing to wear safety equipment or fitting lights and reflectors to their bikes.

Some youngsters’ “inconsiderate, erratic and dangerous” behaviour has also been causing concern and he called on parents to ensure their children’s bikes are safe to use at night.

The issue was raised at Montrose Community Council’s meeting on Thursday. Chairman Peter Davies said he is concerned at the risks youngsters take by cycling at night without lights and has twice almost collided with cyclists in the dark.

Inspector Edwards said: “I’m alarmed by the frequency of calls we’ve had about erratic and inappropriate cycling.

“We have received reports of young people putting themselves at very real risk of serious injury or even death as a result of their erratic cycling behaviour on the area’s roads network.

“These cyclists are a safety danger not only to themselves but also to other road users. By their very nature, cyclists are among the more vulnerable of our road users.

“During the hours of darkness cyclists should be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment - especially a safety helmet - and their bikes should also be fitted with appropriate lights and reflectors.”

The Highway Code contains rules and advice about what cyclists should wear and lighting for their bicycle, including the need for a cycle helmet of correct size which conforms to safety regulations, the right size and type of cycle for comfort and safety, efficient brakes and the use of use lit front and rear lights as well as a rear reflector.

Light-coloured or fluorescent clothing and accessories such as belts, arm or ankle bands should also be worn both in daylight and at night.