Warnings for parents over illegal parking

LOCAL police have sent more than a dozen letters to parents warning them about illegal parking at the academy, Montrose community councillors have been told.

And local officers are poised to start issuing parking tickets to persistent offenders if they continue to ignore warnings.

Community liaison officer Constable Derek Mitchell said the warning letters had been sent out with road safety information leaflets and the next step, which will include traffic wardens and community wardens, will involve the area around the school being monitored at peak times.

He said: “At the end of the day it’s about education, but if someone is a repeat offender we’ll visit them and if they don’t take that on board we’ll then look at enforcement.”

Councillor Mark Salmond said he felt it was a “softly softly” approach by the police and he would have expected the force to “hammer home” its child safety message.

Councillor David May also said that by parking illegally, parents were sending the wrong signals to their children by apparently condoning law-breaking.

Member Tommy Stewart said the problem was not confined to the academy but there are difficulties parking near any of the town’s schools when parents are either dropping off or collecting their children.

Constable Mitchell said: “I’ve seen the problem at other schools and PTAs have been invited to come forward and record information for us and be witnesses, but it’s easier said than done.”