Weir raises post office concerns

LOCAL MP Mike Weir has met with representatives of Consumer Focus to discuss forthcoming changes to the Post Office network.

He also raised concerns with the organisation, which acts on consumers’ behalf when changes to post office services are proposed, about the future of many sub post offices.

Mr Weir said he had “huge concerns” about the impact on sub post offices of the split of Post Office Limited from Royal Mail.

He said: “Although the UK government have said there will be no further post office closure programmes there are clearly still changes leading to the lose or downgrading of services for other reasons, as has been recently seen with the closure of the Ferryden sub post office.

“The pace of change is likely to increase with the split off of Post Office Limited from Royal Mail. The company is already trialling a concept of ‘Post Office local’ which offers less services than a traditional sub post office and is intended to operate from the main retail counter, not a dedicated part of the shop.

“Although the UK government talks about delivering government front office services from post offices the reality is that when the recent giro contract came up for renewal it was awarded to another company, taking yet more business away from the post office.”