Welcome for Hillside traffic calming

MUCH of the discussion at Wednesday’s meeting of Hillside, Dun and Logie Pert Community Council centred on road and traffic matters.

There was general agreement that the traffic-calming work on Main Road, although not yet completed, was having a beneficial effect on road safety in the area.

Angus Councillor David May said that it is now impossible to exceed 30 mph in that area. He explained that although it looked as if the work was finished, it would not he formally adopted until ‘snagging’ had been attended to and the contractor signed off.

It was commented that some drivers seem to speed up again to more than 30 after passing the new traffic calming area.

A nearby resident who asked not to be named gave examples of drivers learning the hard way that there is now a speed bump.

She had heard a colossal thump one morning and looked out to see a driver replacing something on the back of a trailer his vehicle had been pulling.

It later transpired that a substance thought to be diesel oil had spilled on the carriageway, but had apparently seeped away.

Constable Tracy Brown said that oil spillage should be dealt with by Tayside Fire and Rescue, because even if it has apparently seeped away, it can re-appear during heavy rain and create a very slippery and dangerous surface.

The lady said she was also aware of a collision that had taken place, partly because of speed and partly because of a long line of parked vehicles.

It was noted later in the meeting that the speed limit in the area of Westmount Cottages was 60 mph, but this was felt to be excessive.

Constable Tracy Brown said that she had asked speed checks to be undertaken from the school up to the area in question.

Community councillor Edward Russell asked for urgent action to be taken on damaged and missing concrete manhole covers at the side of the road from Hillside to Stracathro.

He said that three or four of them are “mantraps” and said that one person had already fallen at one and injured himself.

He added that lots of people walk on the verge there, and they are unwittingly putting themselves at risk. His previous attempt to have the matter dealt with had been to no avail.

Councillor May said he would take the problem on board and deal with it.

At the start of the meeting, vice-chairman Gill Davies introduced Christine Russell, who had expressed an interest in taking on the role of secretary.

It was agreed that in order to give residents in all areas of the community council’s area the opportunity to attend meetings easily, the May meeting would be held in Craigo, and the September one in Dun.

The community council’s next meeting will be in Hillside hall at 7.30pm on November 14.