Welcome for speed limit extension

THE EXTENSION of the Charleton Road’s 30mph limit to tackle speeding was this week welcomed by local councillor Mark Salmond.

A recommendation to extend the reduced speed limit was approved at last week’s meeting of Angus Council’s infrastructure services meeting. It came after a series of complaints about speeding drivers from residents and elected members.

Although these mainly regarded the speed of southbound traffic, in his report to the committee, infrastructure services director Eric Lowson said two roads department surveys highlighted that the problem lay with drivers heading in the opposite direction.

Mr Salmond said: “I am delighted that roads officers have listened to the concerns I raised on behalf of the residents and that the speed surveys that were carried out, backed up those speeding issues.

“This area is one of the main gateway entrances into Montrose and has many industrial and residential entrances and exits onto it. When this proposal is actioned it will mean that all these entrances and exits are now within the 30mph section.

“Coupled with the recent resurface, this section of the A92 should become a far safer section of road if drivers observe the new reduced speed limit”.