When was it as wet as this in Montrose in July?


WEDNESDAY’S torrential rain affected several parts of Montrose including, inevitably, Medicinewell Park.

The first the Review knew of real problems was when we learned a fire engine was heading for Western Road North, where flood water was again affecting the garage premises of both Ian Guthrie and Kevin Dey.

That area suffered just a few months ago. At Ian Guthrie’s, when it was seen how much rain was falling, staff became concerned and precautions were taken to keep perishables at a sensible height off the ground.

And Kevin Dey told us that at its height the water was eight to 10 inches deep. Again, it was seen that flooding was a possibility, but there is unavoidable damage to a carpet and to woodwork.

He went on to say that after a previous flood a drain was investigated with a CCTV camera, but he did not know what the outcome was. He added: “They’re pumping the water on to the main road so its sewer is coping - but has the one in Western Road North collapsed?”

Both businesses paid tribute to the speed with which Tayside Fire and Rescue were on the scene, and the work they did.

Another area where the roadway was badly flooded was Graham Crescent, where resident Kip Fraser was surprised just how deep it became. He said, however, that to the best of his knowledge, no damage had been done. He also praised the fire brigade for their quick turn-out.

The Review found a great deal of lying water in Rosehill, with a footpath resembling a stream and large deposits of water on the carriageway. Passing traffic either had to swing out in the face of oncoming vehicles, or risk soggy electrics by driving through the flood.

The Review’s understanding is that street water is the responsibility of the local authority, and remains so until it is channelled into the final sewer pipe for disposal, when Scottish Water take over.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “During heavy rainfalls on Wednesday (July 6), there was a good deal of surface water, and some flooding, on the roads network throughout Angus. Roads staff were involved in dealing with the results of the flooding, checking drains and culverts and clearing gullies.

“Staff attended garage premises in Western Road North, Montrose to assist Tayside Fire and Rescue in their efforts to deal with flooding there. As there was evidence of sewer effluent as well as rainwater flooding, Scottish Water was contacted to deal with the problem in the waste water system.”

A Scottish Water spokesman was asked about the Western North Road situation and replied: “Scottish Water has investigated the waste water network in this area of Montrose and has no ongoing issues regarding any blockages within the immediate vicinity. We play a part in the wider roles and responsibilities regarding flooding, and are working with a number of local authorities across Scotland in regard to such issues.”

Reader Alex Imrie, Hillside, told us about a burst water main in the village the same day.

He said: “My next door neighbour phoned, about 3pm, to report a fractured water main outside his house, which he was alerted to by a lack of water pressure.

“When he investigated there was fresh water pouring out of the pavement, the road and from underneath our dividing wall.

“I telephoned again at about 8pm, to enquire into what they intended to do. I was advised that the problem had been passed to their man on stand-by 20 minutes before I called.

“I went out to have a look at what had been done at about 10pm and found two bollards had been placed on the pavement.”

The Scottish Water man added: “Scottish Water engineers were under extreme pressure, attending a number of bursts over a wide area. Therefore it was necessary for them to make the decision, with no customers out of water and with the burst running freely away, to immediately attend to more urgent matters and return to fix the burst in Hillside the following day. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Local Councillor Mark Salmond told us: “This is the second time in recent months that Mr Guthrie has suffered substantial flooding and it may be that there is a drainage problem in the area, I have therefore asked Scottish Water for an urgent meeting where I will be insisting that that CCTV cameras are put down the sewer system to establish that they are working at 100 per cent capacity.”

He added: “I was alerted by constituents to flooding problems in Aulton Way and I asked Angus Councils Roads Dept to ensure that the gully drains were cleaned as soon as possible. A resident has alerted me to a long term issue with the sewers in this area and I have contacted Scottish Water to seek an assurance that all the sewers are working at full capacity in the Borrowfield area.

“I have asked the Head of Roads to review how often gully drains are cleaned with a view to improving the frequency”.