Where’s our bonfire night?

OUR READERS on Facebook have proved to be vocal and forthright about the absence of an organised Bonfire Night display in the town - while pointing out that some villages manage perfectly well.

At the end of last week Fiona Gwynne wrote: “I just can’t understand how a town this size has either cancelled or not organised a display for three years (I think?).

“The emergency services try to encourage people to attend organised events for safety reasons but some of the people of Montrose either go to a neighbouring village’s event (if they can) or they have them at home or miss out altogether.

“We travelled thought to Edzell last year and it was a brilliant atmosphere with loads of families from Montrose in attendance.

“Shame on our town for not pulling together enough to get this sorted out.”

Catriona Steele responded with enthusiasm: “Looking forward to our one in Edzell on Saturday.

“It’s always so good.

“Montrose is really lacking in community spirit. Well said, Fiona.”

To which Fiona replied: “Thanks, Catriona. It’s the kids I feel sorry for.

“No wonder the High Street’s going down the pan if nobody in this town cares enough to support it.”

Then Rachel Pirie added her comments from Craigo.

She wrote: “Hear, hear! Pretty sad.

“Get yourself to Craigo - a HAMLET!

“We always have a great display, great community spirit out here.”

Angela Shanks wrote: “I used to live in Edzell. Every year there was a fabulous bonfire night.

“People/families all wrapped up ... mulled wine, music and a great display ... yes you’re right. We Montrosians should have a great big bonfire night at the Links. And we should refuse to start the Christmas drama until after bonfire night!”

• The Review asks: Is it possible that in Montrose some large-scale local business, in the oil or other sector, might take on responsibility for organising and running a November 5 event?

There is clearly a demand for such a thing!