Where were the Angus councillors?

Presiding at Thursday’s meeting of Montrose Community Council in the Academy, Tommy Stewart took the bull by the horns over the absence of the town’s four Angus councillors.

He said: “I am very disappointed. Paul Valentine has attended once since this community council was elected in 2010.

“Only David May has attended regularly.”

Apologies had been received for the meeting from three of the four: Messrs May, Salmond and Duff.

Rachel Green, from Angus Council’s chief executive’s office, said that all four are notified of the dates and locations of meetings.

There was agreement around the table when Mr Stewart added that members of Angus Council should be present to take on board points raised at meetings, and to answer questions.

At the start of the meeting, Alex Clark stood down from the community council for health reasons.

Sandy Munro thanked Mr Clark for his contribution to the body.

Louise Lawless had indicated her willingness to be co-opted, and this was done unanimously.

Also at the meeting there was a discussion on how to attract members to the community council.

Mr Munro said that on occasions the community council barely has a quorum, when a town the size of Montrose should have 15 members.

Mr Stewart said that in the past six months he had received 10 e-mail from people asking about attending meetings, but none of them had turned up.

Ms Green was asked about other areas, and replied that it was a mixed bag nationally, but rural areas tended to be well supported.

It was noted that in some remote areas, community councils even took over some local functions, such as looking after halls or toilets.

In Angus, all 25 community councils are currently in existence, although some of them are a shade rocky.