Winter opening hours at House of Dun

House of Dun
House of Dun

The House of Dun has had a tremendous 2015 and it looks like the increased visitor numbers will continue at least until Christmas.

A serious lack of visitor attractions in the Montrose area through the late autumn and winter have led staff at Dun to consider keeping the house open at weekends until Christmas.

John McKenna, Property Manager said: “The house had plenty of late season visitors and we think it should stay open for another few months for people who are looking for attractions when most are closed for the winter. We traditionally close at the end of October but this year we will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 - 4pm and we will have two tours running each day at 12.15pm and 2.30pm. The heating is on all the time anyway for conservation purposes, the late autumn and winter light is stunning on the plasterwork in the main rooms of the house, so why not keep it open at weekends at least?”

The new revamped tearooms and gift shop have been very successful all summer and Dun has been the venue for many family events making the house the perfect place to take friends and family for the weekend. The House of Dun, which was designed in the 18th Century by the famous architect William Adam, is the jewel in Montrose’s tourist crown.