with MoFest Chairman

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With only a few days to go, 
we caught up with chairman 
of MoFest, David Paton.

Montrose Review: How many people are expected to turn out for the weekend?

David Paton

David Paton

David Paton: Its a tricky question for a free event. Last year we pulled in around 12,000 people but this was having Status Quo as part of the festival weekend, so this year it could go either way. We could expect the same or more or perhaps see a slight reduction as people may hold off and come to Madness. Its really hard to gauge but we think it will be as busy as ever either way.

MR: What would you say are the things not to be missed about this year’s festival?

DP: We would suggest people check our new market area while enjoying the high st stage music - an array of local food and drink awaits them along with the new MoFest Dome which will host some great acoustic acts after the stage closes.

MR: Is there anything you learnt from last year/previous years that has had an effect on this year’s festival?

The only major change is the market area - this is a new space and if it goes well we would look to build on the area for next year and onwards.

MR: Do you think Montrose is becoming a desirable place for bands/artists to come to? And why?

The festival has not only firmly placed Montrose on the music scene in Scotland but has hopefully helped local bands get more exposure that they may not usually get.

Taking the leap to have the big gig on East Links last year really pushed the festival a step forward in becoming a major player in the festival circuit. The fact the festival itself is free is a big pull for people with the current economic situation.

MR: Has there been a good response having two big acts, Ash and Montrose, that perhaps cater to different audiences?

DP: The response has been incredible to both Madness and ASH. Both are almost at full capacity and will no doubt be memorable events in their own right. However there are limited tickets still available for both at Ticketline.

MR: Why should local people get on board and support MoFest?

DP: Whether you like music or hate it, the benefits for the town are clear - tourism, the local businesses and Montrose itself all benefit from the event. Last year’s audience at 12,000 people is almost the towns population - that’s an incredible achievement for a group of volunteers.

MR: Is there anything else you’d like to say to readers and MoFest goers?

DP: The committee would like to thank all our supporters and sponsors this year and we hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable MoFest 2015. We may even have a surprise for everyone after the festival and Madness are out the way.