Witness problems led to trial postponement

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Problems in citing two essential witnesses has led to the postponement of the trial of a man accused of abducting his partner and subjecting her to a brutal assault that “endangered her life”.

Donald Winter is accused of detaining Naomi Mollison against her will at an address in Forfar.

He is then alleged to have locked windows and doors to prevent her from leaving before launching a violent attack.

Prosecutors say he assaulted Miss Mollison, shouted, swore, emptied clothes on the floor then flushed make up down the toilet.

He is then said to have grabbed her by the face, pushed her face into the floor, repeatedly kicked her, placed both his hands round her neck and strangled her.

Winter is accused of then chasing Miss Mollison into the garden of the property, repeatedly grab her by the body and pull her back into the flat, cause her to fall to the floor, brandish a bottle and smash plates and the bottle.

He is further said to have thrown a clothes horse at her, repeatedly punched her on the head and body, uttered threats of violence, thrown a chair or similar item at her and thrown her to the ground to her injury and to the danger of her life

Winter, 43, of Forfar, denies a charge on indictment of abduction and assault to the danger of life.

Sheriff Pino de Emidio continued the case to a trial date in August.