Women and puppy attacked by screeching gulls


THIS week a reader has taken the seagull debate a stage further, after she and her Guide Dog puppy were attacked by gulls in the Baltic Street car park.

The two were making their way from the car park to High Street via the ramp, when the gulls screeched down from their nests and recently-hatched chicks on a nearby ledge, severely scaring the lady and dismaying the puppy.

Describing the gulls as “terrorists”, she said that this part of the town is now a no-go area as far as she is concerned.

Determined to find out what can be done to protect innocent pedestrians from flying beaks and wings, she contacted Angus Council’s environmental health department but was told that they are a “protected species”.

The office of Mike Weir MP referred her back to Angus Council, but did comment that it is possible to apply for a variation order to permit some form of control.

The lady, who asked not to be named, told us: “The public is not protected from these birds. This is not promoting a good image of Montrose.”

The Review visited the site and found a number of gulls, some on the toilet roof, some on the ground, all with body language that clearly stated that they were on guard.

Their nests are on the ledge behind the toilets, and on the roof of a nearby building.

A passer-by had actually been present during the attack described, and told us the lady had been terrified. The gulls left off their initial attack then returned to it with renewed venom.

Their victim had said to our witness that there was no way she could go past them and quickly returned to her car.

And hot on the heels of that, a ‘phone-call came from a lady who had been attacked on three consecutive days in Mount Street.

She said: “The gull is not daft. It swoops down from behind me and I can feel the wind from its wings as it dives on me.”

The lady added that she is now ready for the attack, and conducts self-defence by swinging a dog’s lead around her head when the gull dives.

The gull then returns to the flat roof where, presumably, it is feeding its recently hatched chicks.

* If you have been attacked by a gull this year, please let the Review know where and when at news@montrosereview.com or by calling Montrose 672605.