Wonder why they changed the cover?

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INTEREST in the old Review annuals continues, with readers continuing to tell us about copies they own.

The most comprehensive collection is owned by Tom Valentine, who now lives in Friockheim, and who has almost every one, from 1959 to 1976 - but without the 1960 issue, which he continues to make strenuous efforts to find.

The most interesting feature of the cover of the first issue, which was then entitled ‘Montrose Review New Year Supplement’ is the presence of a mermaid, whose long hair is not draped in the traditionally decorous manner of others of her species. Later editions have a group of High Street buildings in place of the mermaid.

Joan Christie tells us she owns eight issues, from various years between 1964 and 1976, when it appears publication ceased.

But if anyone has that elusive 1960 edition, Tom would love to hear from you.