Work begins to prevent Rossie flooding

READERS may well remember the problems associated with flooding last year at Rossie Braes and the damage done to both private and commercial premises during exceptionally heavy rain.

The first phase of improvement works to help reduce flooding in the area began last week.

Angus councillor Mark Salmond has been working with roads officers and residents to put together a programme of improvement works to help reduce the effects of heavy rainfall.

He said: “I have met on site with several resident and roads officers over the last months and we saw for ourselves the effects the flood waters were having, and I asked the council officials to put together a scheme to remove as much water as possible from Rossie Braes before the it reached the effected houses.”

He continued: “I am delighted that the first phase of the works has now begun with the installation of six gullies, three on each side of the carriageway at the culvert close to the wildlife centre, and installation of a chamber over the existing culvert to provide future access.

“The second phase is about raising the kerbing in the lay-by section and work will be carried out after a detailed survey of the existing drainage apparatus has been completed, to ensure that the new levels will not aggravate flooding issues to adjacent properties. I have asked officials to consult residents about these proposals so they know what is happening and can have their say before work begins on phase two.”

He concluded: “The third phase of the works is further up Rossie Braes, to catch the water from that area before it gets downhill. That is at the design stage at present with work hopefully beginning later this year.”