World Championship medallists

TWO TEENAGE students from Boydell Blackbelt Academies returned from the recent ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships in Wellington, New Zealand.

Liam Bain and Greg Spark, both Hillside, were part of a five-man junior team comprising of students from Aberdeen, Inverness and East Kilbride.

The junior male Scotland team competed in all disciplines - sparring, patterns, special technique (high kicks) and power (board breaking).

Although this team were new and inexperienced in the international arena, the boys competed fiercely in all four events but especially in the team pattern event.

This event is widely considered to be the most difficult as a unique routine must be prepared for all 12 patterns - each with up to 44 movements. Teams then select a favourite pattern to perform which is then followed by another pattern randomly selected from the remaining 11 patterns. It was in this event that the Scotland boys excelled and reached the semi-finals against New Zealand who were the eventual gold medallists.

The entire competition was live over the internet to allow all family, friends, instructors and fellow students to watch through the night. The drama unfolded as the Scotland boys progressed through rounds and win a World Championship bronze medal.

Everyone involved with Boydell Blackbelt Academies is extremely proud of Liam and Greg for their efforts in New Zealand and the dedication shown during the last five months giving up almost all their spare time training.

Liam and Greg have extended their thanks to the following local companies: GSK (Montrose), Pert Bruce (Montrose), Boortmalt (Hillside) and everyone else who helped raised the funds to send them to New Zealand as it was an experience they will never forget.

The boys will now focus on the European Championships in Slovaka later this year.

The Boydell Blackbelt Academies have age specific classes and train at Hillside Primary School. There are currently limited spaces in their children’s programmes and they are looking to increase their teens and adult classes.

For details on how to join Boydell Blackbelt Academies please contact Mark Boydell on 01561 3617531.