Wrestling mania to hit Montrose

Johnny Lions clamps on a chin-lock
Johnny Lions clamps on a chin-lock

The spectacle of pro-wrestling returns to Montrose Town Hall later this month with a massive championship tussle.

North-east group WrestleZone is back in town on Saturday (February 21) for the annual body-slamming, bone-crunching extravaganza. And top-of-the-bill is a huge five-way bout for the undisputed championship.

Current title-holder Crusher Craib will face four challengers to his crown in the first bout of its kind ever held in Scotland.

WrestleZone host Martyn Clunes says he is looking forward to a big night of action and knows the ‘Creator of Carnage’ is in for a tough night at the town hall.

He said: “Crusher Craib has been in unstoppable form for the past six months, but that might be about to change. Going in there against four top competitors puts him at a huge disadvantage. The first grapplers to score a pinfall or submission will not only win the bout, but take home the Undisputed Championship.

“Nobody can match Crusher Craib one-on-one but with five grapplers in the ring at once, anything could and probably will happen!”

“The unique rules of this match means Crusher does not need to be pinned to lose the title, and that makes it hard to predict who will emerge the winner.

“Johnny Lions has the big match experience and he will want beat Crusher again to reclaim the title. Lord Alan Sterling, Shawn Johnson and Scotty Swift are all desperate for gold and the only thing to expect in this bout is the unexpected.”

Wrestling has a long tradition at the Montrose Town Hall, with regular wrestling events held at the Melville Gardens venue dating back to the late 1970’s ‘World of Sport’ boom period.

North-east grapplers Bryan Tucker, Kaden Garrick and Blue Thunder are set to entertain fans at the Town Hall.

Title-challenger Scotty Swift said he can’t wait for this bout. “Crusher and I might have deep respect for each other, but in Montrose I’ll be doing my best to accomplish my number one goal. The Undisputed Championship is the biggest prize on offer in the North-east and I am determined to do my best to win it on Saturday night,” he said.

Doors at open at 7 p.m. with the action getting underway at 7.30 p.m. Entry is pay-at-the-door, priced £12 for adults and £8 for under-14s.