‘Yes’ shop opens up in Montrose

The opening of the 'Yes' shop in Montrose
The opening of the 'Yes' shop in Montrose

With the temperature now hotting-up as the Independence Referendum approaches, Montrose High Street saw a ‘Yes’ shop open up on Tuesday, May 6.

The shop will sell a variety of Yes merchandise, such as t-shirts, hats and badges.

It will also allow those with questions about the Referendum to drop in for a chat.

Staffed by volunteers from the Yes community, it will be open Monday through to Saturday every week until the referendum on Thursday, September 18.

Councillor Bill Duff told the Review: “We have been planning this venture for some time and an ideal venue became available at 148 High Street. It’s very central and will be in a prime position for events such as the farmers market and the music festival. We are encouraged by the offers of help from supporters and are looking forward to meeting the Montrose public over the summer.”

The shop was opened by SNP President and Euro candidate, Ian Hudghton.