Younger views sought by community council

THERE are hopes of encouraging the younger generation in Ferryden to take an interest in the village’s affairs by recruiting youngsters to the community council.

At last week’s meeting, chairman Gordon Brown said the subject was raised at the recent biannual meeting of the Angus community councils and that some committees already have input from younger members of their communities.

He said: “The minimum age mentioned was 14 and the need for disclosures was also mentioned, but it’s a public meeting and parents would be welcome to attend with them and sit in on the proceedings.

“While we don’t have a secondary school within our ward, we do have a primary school and a lot of community councils already have input from their schools. The children attend and then feed back to the schools about what’s happening on the community councils. I thought we could ask two academy pupils who live in the ward or primary sevens.”

Member David Wilson said that involving children and parents would expand the range of opinion on the community council.

He added: “It would be a very useful community exercise for us but also an excellent exercise for the kids too.”

Mr Brown suggested that two academy pupils could be invited to join along with two from Ferryden Primary School although Mr Wilson pointed out that written submissions from the primary school could be considered. It was agreed to follow up the idea by contacting Montrose Academy.