Your worst potholes in 
the area

Potholes on the Hillside to Dubton road were voted the worst by our readers
Potholes on the Hillside to Dubton road were voted the worst by our readers

The roads in and around Montrose are riddled with potholes, and we appealed for you to get in touch with us about which ones you felt were the worst.

We had an influx of photographs submitted by readers and a number of you took to our Facebook page to tells us about which roads drove you crazy.

The road we received the most number of complaints about was the Hillside to Dubton Road, with Murray Street coming in second place.

We also had a number of photo submissions of a pothole on a pavement in the main street in Ferryden.

Lynsey McIntosh: “A pothole on Hillside to Dubton Road has to be the worst. It looks like a huge puddle but has some depth to it. Last year I spent more than £500 for a new alloy wheel when I hit it.”

James Wallis said: “I was driving back from work in Aberdeen and came off the A90 at the Hillside turning. About half a mile down the road I felt this massive jolt and heard an almighty bang as my car went straight into the pothole. I didn’t even see it despite having my full beam on.

“This has become somewhat dangerous now and I believe something should be done about it.

He added: “I know this road may not be classed as the busiest but if we continue to have potholes such as this there may be accidents caused by them, not to mention the amount of money spent on damages to cars.”

One resident, who did not want to be named, had their car tyre damaged by and a spring broken six days later, after driving over a pothole the Dubton to Brechin Road.

They said: “This pothole was repaired the next day after I reported it, however within a week of the repair, this is already coming out.

“This pothole has been repaired twice this year that I am aware of.

“Councillors are aware of the situation on the Dubton Road, as this is not new, and has been going on for more than a year. They are also aware that the repairs being carried out are not lasting and have to be done over and over again.”

Joyce Simpson said: “Murray street is a disgrace.”

Other roads you told us about which are pothole-riddled included New Wynd, Nursery Road, Christie’s Lane, Newmanswalls Avenue, Newhame Road, Borrowfield Road, Redfield Crescent and Barnhead Road.

Barrie Lang said: “One on the way into the council recycling centre took out my suspension on my car.”
Jimmy Young said a pothole on the corner beside the entrance to the Curlie Pond was “massive” and hidden by a puddle the majority of the time. Jase Hebenton said that it almost took his wheel off when he drove over it.

Montrose councillor Bill Duff, who is part of Angus Council’s scrutiny and audit Committee, which has set up a panel to investigate road repairs, says the authority don’t have the funds to repair them.

He said: “To keep the roads in a good condition we would have to replace them every 40 years, we can only afford to that every 63 years. There’s a massive gap between what we want to do and what we can to do.”

Mr Duff said there were two issues surrounding potholes in the area, the classification of roads and the time of year when the potholes are being repaired.

“One problem is we have A, B, C classed roads and some unclassified roads. A lot of the unclassified roads in Angus are constantly collapsing and crumbling at the edges. Whereas, the A roads, like the Montrose to Arbroath road, will get fixed sooner because they are used more often.”

Mr Duff said the other issue was repairing the potholes when the weather is cold, which is only a temporary solution.

He said: “We should be doing more permanent repairs.”

The councillor suggested the way forward might be to repair the dangerous potholes straight away and leave the smaller ones until the warmer months when more long-term solutions can be rolled out.

He said: “There’s a complication between keeping the roads safe and doing the repairs right.

“The best thing to do is leave the repairs to when the weather is warmer. We can send a better vehicle to do the repairs, strip the roads right back, taking off the damaged layers and put down new tarmac. We’ve got a vehicle that services Angus that can do it.”

Mr Duff concluded that Angus was in the top five to eight counties in Scotland for roads, with Aberdeenshire coming in first, commenting that the local authority was not doing anything different to the one Aberdeenshire.

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for our appeal.