Youth film group

ANGUS Council has recently launched ‘2Reel Productions’ a youth group that aims to create both video and animation to raise awareness of youth issues in the Angus area.

Rikki Beattie, community learning and development worker, said: “We hope the group will be able to produce film or animations that are relevant to young people and attempt to address some of the issues that young people experience as they grow up.”

2Reel is currently looking at issues such as underage drinking, drug abuse and peer pressure. The group not only aims to raise awareness about these issues in the local area but also to provide experience in both film-making and animation.

There are 12 people involved, with an array of age and experience levels. Its members are from all over the local area and meet weekly in Forfar.

The first wave of videos from the group is expected to be produced in the next few months. The videos will be posted online and potentially shown around schools in the local area.

2Reel Productions is one of the ‘Angus Youth Action’ projects that also include groups for both journalism and radio. These groups all hope to offer youths in the area experience in media production that is often not available in schools.