Endies chairman Derek Sim bids a fond farewell to long-serving club favourite Glynis

Glynis Crawford and her replacement Regan Tammi.
Glynis Crawford and her replacement Regan Tammi.

Glynis Crawford, the face and voice of Montrose FC for the past 16 years, has decided to call it a day.

Known to almost everyone in the town, Glynis has been Commercial Co-ordinator for the club ,organising everything from sponsorship to hospitality and from event hire to even making coffee for the chairman.

Stepping into these experienced shoes is Regan Tammi, who regulars to Links Park will recognise as she has recently been part of the club’s hospitality team.

Regan is relishing the opportunity and challenges ahead and will be doing the rounds of local businesses in the coming weeks to drum up support and sponsorship for the coming season.

Club chairman Derek Sim said: “We were all disappointed to hear of Glynis’s decision to leave. She has done a power of work for the club over the years and she will be sadly missed. Much of the day to day life at Links Park has revolved around Glynis, reflected by the most common answer to any question amongst the staff being ‘Ask Glynis’.

“The relationships she forged and the rapport she developed with our many customers, fans and sponsors is almost legendary and will not be forgotten. Glynis should be rightly proud of what she has achieved here and on behalf of everyone at the club, I would like to wish her all the very best for the future and I hope she can look back on her time at Montrose with fondness and pride.

“I would also like to welcome Regan to the club. The close season has seen many changes in personal and I feel this is a really exciting time for Regan to come onboard.

“Glynis will be a hard act to follow but I know Regan is capable of great things and she will help us move forward as a club as we look to recover from our Pyramid Play-off scare last year.”

Regan can be contacted on 01674 673200 or via office@montrosefc.co.uk.

She will be based in the office at Links Park Monday to Wednesday and will be available in the club’s new outlet, The Home Dugout, 72 Murray Street, Montrose on Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 4pm.