Frustrating draw for Gable Endies


MONTROSE were fated to a frustrating 0-0 draw on Saturday against Annan Athletic.

Manager Stuart Garden made just one change from the team which drew 2-2 against Queen’s Park with Jonathan Crawford replacing Craig McLeish.

David Crawford kept his position in goal, while Sandy Wood remained sidelined with a broken nose.

Following the disappointment of losing two late goals at Hampden the previous weekend the Gable Endies were looking for three points as they prepared to face Annan at Links Park.

But with a crowd of just 267 braving the elements to watch, neither side gave them much to be excited about.

Three minutes in a Paul Watson corner looked like it might trouble the visitors, but it was cleared away easily by Steven Sloan.

Watson again, six minutes later, had his cross cleared by Scott Chaplain only for the same thing to happen to David Gray seconds later courtesy of Michael Daly.

In the 12th minute the first real chance of the game came from Annan Athletic’s Ally Love but his right-footed drive went over the bar.

Montrose responded two minutes later but David Gray’s shot from the penalty area went wide of the left post.

Stephen McNally came close a minute later again for Montrose but Annan Athletic ‘keeper Alex Mitchell was quick to catch it.

With the home side on the attack Masson took the next shot from the penalty area but that was again saved by Mitchell.

Frustration growing at the lack of scoring Gary Wood had the next opportunity but he was denied by Mitchell.

Annan Athletic were doing little to trouble the home side as the first half drew to a close but Jonny Blake came closest in the 37th minute.

Half-time: Montrose 0, Annan 0.

It was Montrose ‘keeper David Crawford who was spurred into action first after the break but he did well to catch Love’s effort.

The Gable Endies looked likely to score in the 50th minute when Paul Watson’s cross was met by David Gray but Mitchell curled around the post to deny a goal.

With both sides becoming increasingly frustrated by the deadlock, Annan Athletic made two changes in the 51st minute with Graeme Ramage coming on for Steven Sloan and Ally Love making way for Jordan McKechnie.

Watson, who was out of luck for the entire game, tried again three minutes later but his attempt was again caught by Mitchell.

With a lot of back and forth taking up the next few minutes there was little to get excited about until the 62nd minute when it looked as though David Gray might finally take the first goal of the game. Unfortunately for the Gable Endies fans, however, it was not to be as his shot went wide left.

A minute later Montrose made their first substitution of the game when loan signing Leighton McIntosh replaced Scott Johnston.

In the 67th minute Gary Wood took a chance but his shot went just over the bar.

Leighton McIntosh took his first opportunity of the game in the 74th minute but also skimmed the bar.

In the 80th minute Montrose made their final substitutions bringing Craig McLeigh and Scott Morton (trialist) on for Lloyd Young and David Gray respectively.

With just seven minutes to go Paul Lunan and Michael Daly were both booked for unsporting behaviour.

Neither team had any chances as the game drew to a close and Montrose were left with a disappointing point when they could well have taken three.

Montrose: David Crawford, Stephen McNally, Paul Watson, Alan Cambell, Paul Lunan, Terry Masson, David Gray, Jon Crawford, Scott Johnston, Gary Wood, Lloyd Young. Subs: Craig McLeish, Grant Mosson, Leighton McIntosh, Scott Morton (trialist), Sandy Wood.

Annan Athletic: Alex Mitchell, Jonny Blake, Greg Thorburn, Steve Swinglehurst, Michael McGowan, Scott Chaplain, Steven Sloan, Chris Jardine, Michael Daly, Jack Steele, Ally Love. Subs: Jordon McKechnie, Andrew Donley, Graeme Ramage, Peter Watson, Craig Summersgill.