Gable Endies hero Les Barr says Montrose supporters are his fondest memory of his career

Photo by Phoenix Photo Shop.
Photo by Phoenix Photo Shop.

His return to Links Park for the Montrose Nostalgia Day brought back a ton of good memories, but Les Barr’s best recollection of his time with the Gable Endies is the loyal Mo supporters.

A marauding full-back following his conversion from a right winger, Barr was at the heart of the side’s famous achievements in the mid-1970s - scoring a 60-yard winner in a League Cup quarter-final against Hibernian and scoring a penalty against Rangers in the semi-final.

He scored a fantastic 16 goals in 1975-76 from right back, hitting 63 times in all for the club before he left for Dundee in 1978, eventually returning to Links Park in 1982 for another spell.

Barr said he relished the banter back in his day, adding that it’s not quite there in the modern game in the way it used to be.

He said: “I’m delighted to be back and to see players I played with years ago. Obviously the pitch and everything like that has changed over the years, everything else has changed, but it’s very good to be back and see some old teammates. It’s fun seeing how they’re getting on in their lives.

“The banter is flying about today and that’s just what football was back then, the banter was great. Often now footballers get interviewed and they say all the right things, there’s no kidding on and they can’t get away quick enough. I just think it’s different, you treasured that banter then.

“There were some very good players back then, your Forfar and Arbroath had good players, all the Angus teams were good sides.

“It’s a competitive league they’re in, there isn’t much between the top teams and bottom teams. Montrose had a great run, they were scoring goals and they were right at the top there. But then they got some injuries and they went on a poor run, and I think consistency’s been the problem this year.

“The one thing you will always treasure is the supporters, they’re always here which is great. That’s what I love about the Angus clubs, especially Montrose, the fans have always been brilliant.

“That’s my best memory of football, the Montrose supporters.”