Hegarty: we’re in limbo

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Manager Paul Hegarty admitted he has a fight on his hands to entice players away from the central belt to sign with Montrose.

The Gable Endies gaffer is trying to improve his squad for the 2015/16 campaign but says he’s struggled to encourage players to leave the comforts of the central locations like Glasgow and Edinburgh.

What we’re looking for is a big improvement next season.

Paul Hegarty

But the boss isn’t fretting just yet because he knows there is rarely much work done by this stage of the close season because so many players are off on their holidays.

Hegarty said: “It’s just a case of trying to get players in that we want to improve the club. At this moment in time most players are on holiday or staving everyone off to see if they get a better offer from everybody else.

“A limbo is probably what you’d call it. You contact players and they have agents working elsewhere on deals.

“Ideally it would have been good if we’d got a lot of players tied up and then worked from there. But we’re working very hard on tying players up. I can’t say too much on that just now. We’ve got some players from last season who will stay on and that’s a good thing. But we’re looking to add some freshness to the playing squad.

“What we’ve got to do is get the players that we want. It’s going to be difficult.

“A lot of players want to stay in the central belt, so we need to entice to a few players up north to Montrose. What we’re looking for is a big improvement next season.”