League suggests reconstruction

Following the regional meeting in April the committee of the junior football East Region presented their favoured set-up for the 2013/14 season with a new Championship Region-wide League of 12, below the Premier League.

That would leave Super and Premier Leagues as they are with 12 in each and a North and South Division League below the Championship with 13/14 in each.

One automatic place will go to the winners of the Divisional Leagues with a play off between the runners-up and third-bottom of the Championship securing the last place. Jeanfield’s proposal of four 16s opposes this and the status quo. Jeanfield would see the removal of the League Cup and a straight two up from the North/South Divisional Leagues and four down from the Premier. This would guarantee 30 games per season.

The East Region annual general meeting is on June 19.