Luthermuir no match for seven-goal Reilly

LUTHERMUIR Women travelled to Leven to play an East Fife team keen to keep up their quest for promotion from Division Two East.

The visitors made a change from their familiar 5-4-1 in away games but it proved costly.

Luthermuir gained a corner in the first two minutes. Murison and Bruce took a quick set piece and Bruce fired it to the back post where Boyack headed it into the arms of the ‘keeper from 10 yards.

On six minutes the home side’s REILLY took advantage of a defensive error to fire low home.

At a corner Middleton misjudged the bounce and REILLY fired high into the net with Aiken helpless.

On the stroke of half-time a corner was quickly taken out wide left and was headed back out by the Muir defence, but an East Fife player whipped in a cross that went straight in.

Half-time: East Fife 3, Luthermuir 0.

Traffic remained one-way. On 48 minutes a free kick by BRUCE was fired over the wall and into the bottom corner. Minutes later, a ball was crossed to the back post and headed out to the edge of the box, but a shot took a deflection and nestled into the goal with Aiken wrong-footed.

Visiting heads were down and three minutes later it was six when a free kick was fired over the wall and into the top corner by ANDERSON.

On 61 minutes a great passing move down the far left was crossed by Anderson and REILLY volleyed from 15 yards.

Ten minutes later a ball was crossed from the right and REILLY slotted home. Minutes it was nine, the ball played down the middle was picked up by REILLY again and she fired home low.

On 81 minutes a ball over the top was missed by the defence and REILLY fired it home.

Two minutes later a ball played down the middle had REILLY racing in on goal and she coolly fired it home for her seventh.

With minutes to go a mix up in the defence allowed the striker to prod home.

Luthermuir: Aiken (Charles), Godsall (Murray), Middleton, Oliphant, Crichton (Borland), Shaw, Bruce, Boyack, Forrester (Stewart), Murison and Reoch. Substitute: Cheyne.

Player of the match: Stacey Boyack. Match ball sponsor: Rig-Sol, Luthermuir.