Montrose officials ask fans to suggest goal celebration songs

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Montrose officials are inviting fans to get in touch to suggest suitable songs for the club to use as goal celebrations in home games.

Goal celebration tunes are found across Scotland and the Gable Endies are eager to get their own songs going.

So they’ve asked supporters to come up with some ideas for songs to be used.

The players will then select their favourite, with the winner entrant receiving a football signed by the current squad.

Club captain Paul Watson said: “There has been a really good atmosphere at Links Park this season, obviously winning games helps but the numbers have increased and the young fans turning out every week with their drums and singing throughout the 90 minutes has been excellent.

“Goal music would add to that atmosphere and hopefully continue to add to the positive feel at the club.”

So get your thinking caps on.

The music doesn’t last long after a goal is scored so it needs to be upbeat and catchy, one the fans will recognise and hopefully join in with.