Must start better

IT HAS been a week of highs and lows for Montrose with first a loss to Elgin on Tuesday night, then a stunning comeback against Stranraer on Saturday.

The Gable Endies’ only goal of Tuesday’s game came from Scott Johnston, while on Saturday two apiece came from Jamie Winter and Sean Pierce to bring the Links Park men back on par with Stranraer.

Of the Elgin defeat manager Ray Farningham said: “Obviously we’re disappointed with the result.

“To be honest 3-1 flattered them a bit even though we didn’t start well. For the first 25 minutes they were on top then the score was 2-1 and half time just came too early for us.

“The same thing happened in the second half we couldn’t get a goal then they got 3-1 but I still think we could have taken something from the game.”

Taking positives from both the Elgin fixture and the Stranraer game, Farningham said: “I’ve never been involved in a game like it in my life [Stranraer].

“We were 4-0 down with half an hour to go and just like at Elgin we were very poor in the first half and picked up in the second.

“Credit to the players though, it was tough when Stranraer got their ‘keeper sent off - it’s never easy to play against 10 men - but I think we could easily have won the game.”

Looking ahead to this Saturday and cup duty again, Farningham knows that they have a tough task ahead. He said: “We’ve just got to go down there and take what we can.

“We can’t start the game as they’ve been doing recently especially since we’ll be playing against better opposition.”

Meanwhile, club chairman Derek Sim is calling on the people of Montrose to come out and support their local team at the next home game which will be played on Saturday, November 26.

He said: “The recent fixture programme has highlighted the difficulties faced by the club where Montrose FC has had only one home league game between October 1 against Peterhead and November 26 against Berwick Rangers.

“Having one game in what is essentially an eight-week period places an exceptional strain on our short-term finances.

“We were fortunate to be drawn at home against Clyde in the Scottish Cup, however it is a gate which is split and subsequently not a high revenue earner.

“Having highlighted these scheduling difficulties to the SFL I am hopeful future seasons will see greater balance in fixturing. However, that does not assist us in the short term.

“I would say that a particular issue is that we had three weekends with Scottish internationals which don’t even impact on the second and third division. In England the first and second division still play so why can’t we?

“Another issue this season has been starting on the fourth Saturday in July. All this means to the club is that through the season we now have to cover four weeks’ additional wages with no income coming in - it makes a big impact.

“So, I would ask any supporter for their assistance in either sponsoring a first team or Under-17/19 player, booking hospitality at a home game when we finally return to Links Park on November 26, bringing a friend to a match or even purchasing MFC shares which are available in minimum amounts of 20.

“If any supporter wishes to assist the club through this short term financial hiccup it would gratefully appreciated.

“I can be contacted on 07811 326878 or Tom Murray, financial director, can be contacted through the club.”