New community trust seeks financial backing

20100925- Montrose FC chairman Derek Sim. ''"Andy Thompson Photography",'"No use without payment",'"Tel: 07795437362" ,'"" ,
20100925- Montrose FC chairman Derek Sim. ''"Andy Thompson Photography",'"No use without payment",'"Tel: 07795437362" ,'"" ,

MONTROSE Football Club is to make its services and the facilities at Links Park available to a recently formed Community Trust.

The Links Park Community Trust (LPCT) aims to encourage the local community to get involved with sport for ‘the advancement of health, the advancement of education and the advancement of public participation in sport’.

MFC chairman Derek Sim will be joined by trustees from a range of industries who will pool their resources and expertise for the good of the town. Joining Mr Sim is Freda Stewart, NHS Community Health Partnership; Roy Gill, Montrose Roselea JFC; Brian Rice, GlaxoSmithKline; Ross Murray, Acumen Accountants and Advisors and Stephen McGregor, Angus College.

Mr Sim said: “We are aiming to use the facilities available at Links Park and occasionally to go out into the community to promote health, education, well being and fitness based around the catalyst of football.

“We have a three-year strategy in which we hope to inspire change within the community using the facilities at Links Park and alternative venues throughout South Aberdeenshire and Angus to create a vibrant hub of healthy and sporting activities which will lead to positive life choices.”

Every sector of the community will be provided for from pre-school children to pensioners.

Just one example of a proposed programme to be offered by the Trust is the Links Park Literacy Trail aimed at primary school age pupils.

Mr Sim said: “The Literacy Trail will provide pupils with the opportunity to use and apply key English skills to complete a range of reading, writing speaking and listening tasks around Links Park Stadium.

“Whether completing a player profile in the dressing room, playing the role of a new signing in the board room or a commentator high up in the press area, children will explore the stadium and the important role English, communication and language plays in the everyday operation of a football club.”

This is just one example, however, as there are many more proposed programmes which will benefit everyone in the community.

The Trust is currently searching for financial support to achieve their aims within Montrose and the wider area.

Mr Sim said: “To assist us in fulfilling our aims, we are actively seeking financial support.”

For more information on how to sponsor one of the innovative programmes planned by the LPCT please contact Derek Sim at or 07811 326 878, you can also contact Roy Gill at or 07908 763 219.

For more information about the Trust please contact

Meanwhile, Mr Sim is encouraging all Montrose fans and members of the local community to attend the last home game of the season against East Stirlingshire on Saturday, April 30.

He said: “We are very grateful to the local community for their support. We understand their frustration recently with the team going through a losing spell but we want to thank them for getting behind the team.

“Hospitality provides a vital income for the club and there are still a number of places available for the last game.

“I’d like to encourage as many people as possible to support the club in this way.”