‘The Journey So Far ...’ new book about Montrose FC

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A new book has been written about Montrose FC by Steve Doyle (Sassmo), much different to any other about the town’s football club.

In 1991 David Smith wrote ‘The History of Montrose Football Club’ which was an immense effort in terms of pure history.

But this new book, ‘The Journey so far ...’ is a much more in-depth record of the football club in that it is a results history.

Steve has been an avid Mo fan for over 60 years and has researched results going back to when the club first started playing competitive football in 1891.

He said: “There are only a very few results missing from early days – something I hope to put right by future research.

“In total there are 4,146 games recorded up to the end of the 2012/13 season and those are analysed every which way against every team we’ve ever played.”

In addition there is a pictorial history of MFC match programmes, masses of statistics, in fact there are 59 sections covering 234 pages, many in colour.

There is of necessity a lot more about the history of the club and some of it is stuff which has perhaps never before come to light until unearthed by Steve’s recent research and personal records.

He continued: “For example I have quoted from an October 1879 Montrose Review the article which reports on the inaugural meeting of the present MFC. It is not quite what you might expect, but you will need to obtain a copy of the book to find out more.

“Another example is that I have established what really happened in the 1927/8 season, and why, when we did not play in any league.

“Want another example? Well you might think our record ever win was 12-0 against Vale of Leithen in a cup game in the 1974/5 season but that was not in fact our record ever win, we did even better in a league game but again you will need to read this book to find out.”

The book will be available for the first league game of the season against Stirling Albion. Check the Club shop and in the lounges before, during and after the game.

There is no official price on the book. It has been sponsored by Milestone Project Planning Ltd and Steve has done all the research and editing as a labour of love over the last two years or so.

All proceeds, every penny, will go to Montrose Football Club and the suggested minimum donation for a copy of the book is £10 – in fact you won’t get a copy for less but you will still get a copy for more

Only 100 copies are being printed although more can be produced if there is the demand.

This really is a huge piece of work so be prepared to be overwhelmed by both nostalgia and statistical fact as well as lots of mathematical gymnastics applied to the 4,146 games – oh, and there are also 100s of friendlies recorded from 1879 to 1891 as well, in fact a few results from before 1879 as there was a previous MFC before that. Read on.