Youth in command against Ferry

A WELL-FOUGHT football match, in summery Montrose weather, did not disappoint the supporters watching the tussle for points at the top of the league.

Both teams were limited by injuries and a shortage of substitutes.

From the start Montrose showed they were not to be brushed aside by the physical Ferry team.

From Matthew Davis’ corner, Scott Coull curved a ball that landed on the bar.

Wind-assisted, Darren Forbes produced a similar attack 10 minutes later.

Shaun Law, Coull and Davis all took further chances to test the Ferry ‘keeper.

Frustration mounted because the Youth were all over the visitors but without managing to score.

Swapping positions in attack Coull, from Davis’s fine cross, missed the right post by a mere whisker.

A minute before the interval Montrose got a free kick.

DAVID CRAIG scored with his effort when the ‘keeper, distracted by the moving Montrose forwards, missed the ball.

Half-time: Montrose 1, Ferry 0.

Five minutes into the second half, DAVIS took his chance to increase the score. He dribbled past four defenders and gave the ‘keeper no chance.

The Ferry manager, loudly complaining to the referee, was shown a red card and asked to leave the field altogether.

Ferry were awarded a free kick two yards away from the centre. Cameron Glennie could not divert the shot from the top corner and the visitors found new energy from scoring.

The home midfielders and defenders allowed very few further chances to even the score.

Morgan Smith, just back from injury, was brought on from the bench.

In the 65th minute, Scott Coull passed two opponents and crossed for SMITH to volley under the ‘keeper’s arm. Ferry knew there was no way back.

The solid Montrose defence and midfield gave their forwards full opportunity to express themselves.

The end of the year is looming and Montrose can now contemplate a top three ranking in the league.

But with three matches to play, including two away fixtures, the Youth will be tested until the last final whistle.